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Defining Success

You know, anything that is “grassroots” in nature–it’s just us Joe and Jane Lunchbox people out here rallying against unjust people like Jim Crane and Bud Selig–there’s a challenge to it. We have no big money to finance some comprehensive campaign. All we have is this website, which cost a grand total of something less than $100.

What can we possibly hope to accomplish?

A friend recently said it this way: “How will you know if/when the Crane-cott has been successful?”

Crane’s franchise located in Houston, after all, is a private enterprise, and baseball teams (as are all professional sports franchises) are infamous for how they keep their financial matters private.

Another friend jumped into the conversation.

He related to my other friend how he had been part of a boycott against a restaurant chain who appeared to be supportive of a certain quarterback infamous for his cruelty to animals.

“I’ll never know for certain that my not buying subs made any difference financially to them,” he said. “But every time I look at my dog, I feel the peace of knowing I did what I could. And having that peace is how I define success.”

This site allows me personally to have peace. I’m doing what I can do.

And no matter how little or how famous and grandiose a financial impact we all have… we are gaining peace through a few modifications to our consumer choices… and too, by sharing this site with other distraught Astros fans.

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  1. NolaOwl permalink
    November 20, 2011 8:29 pm

    Success will be having the move to the AL reversed. Alternatively, making the Astros such a failure that they will have to move and eventually, we’ll get a new NL team.

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