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For Many Fans, the Psychological Need to Acquit Jim Crane is Overwhelming

April 7, 2012

To even the most forgiving of us, the foul stench of what our Houston-based version of the Three Stooges (Drayton, Bud and Jimbo) concocted last season resulting in the move to the American League is palpable.

How is it, though, that in spite of all of the known facts that are confounded by Jim Crane’s public statements, some give the man a pass?

One likely possibility for most of those is that they mentally have foreclosed on the premise that they’re going to continue to support the team regardless of what ever would come out if ever Jim Crane were forthcoming and honest enough to tell the story. And therefore, in order to keep themselves from having to justify that emotional decision, they necessarily have to synthesize that with the natural moral code that most of us have–and do so by taking refuge in improbable-to-wildly-improbable explanations that would have to have occurred in order to avoid the conclusion they so desperately want to avoid.

Who, after all, wants to abandon the baseball team they’ve supported for years? And all the more so, if they actually live in the area where that team plays its home games?

What opportunists Bud Selig and Jim Crane have done is to take advantage of all of that. And that’s a level of disrespect and imposition that calls those of us with a moral conscience to reject their scheming, and give them their own medicine.

That is, if they want to make a business decision and kick to the curb almost 100 years of Houston’s National League association, then we, too, have the right and fortitude to make our own business decision… there are, after all 15 other teams, most of them readily accessible these days via regional sports networks and other outlets.

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  1. famijoly permalink
    April 25, 2012 9:42 am

    This is very well stated. Next year, I will be switching my allegiance to a steadfast National League franchise. Those who perpetrated the league switch upon the Astros and their National League fan base will still continue to get some of my money, just not as much, since seeing my new team play in person is not feasible, and even seeing them play in Houston or Arlington means American League rules. I’ve purchased MLB’s internet streaming of broadcasts since 2002, and I’ve had MLB play-by-play on satellite radio in the car since 2008, so it will simply be a matter of adjusting the dial. In this era of free agency among players, Bud Selig, Drayton McLane, and Jim Crane have forced me as a fan into free agency.

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