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Crane-cott: Boycotting the 10 Most Visibile Crane-Friendly Consumer Brands

April 7, 2012

All who feel motivated to offer their tacit objection to Jim Crane, Bud Selig and Drayton McLane’s maneuvers during the 2011 off-season that, essentially, spat in the collective face of long-time Astros fans everywhere, are invited to participate in the 2012 Crane-cott.

Based on nominations and voting by visitors to this site, participants are asked to eliminate or severely reduce their purchase of products and services from the following, and to choose other competitors instead.

Though financial impact on sales is obviously one temporary aspect for as long as these brands continue to be associated with supporting the Jim Crane-owned baseball franchise, the fundamental intent is simply to corrode Jim Crane’s income streams stemming from corporate partnerships.

By doing so, Astros fans and ex-Astros fans gain increasing restitution over time for the $70 million bribe that Cardinals fan Crane accepted from his good friend Bud Selig to choose his interests over Astros’ fans interests.


By popular vote, Methodist Hospitals were considered to be the most visible sponsor of the 2012 season. As opportunity allows, please consider any responsible alternatives to the flagship Methodist Hospital in Houston, as well as satellite locations Sugar Land, Houston West (Katy), Willowbrook, and San Jacinto (Baytown).


Consider other juice alternatives to the namesake brand of the Astros’ home park, Minute Maid such as Tropicana.


Important point illustrated in naming Budweiser to the list: The Crane-cott is intended to discourage marketing directors from using Jim Crane’s business as a promotional vehicle for their brands.

Thus, Crane-cott participants are being asked specifically to eliminate or reduce their consumption of Budweiser only, and not any of the other Budweiser labels such as Bud Light.


Crane-cott participants should look to substitute Pepsi products or other Coca-Cola brands.


While we all generally want a Texas-based brand like H-E-B to be successful, Crane-cott participants, for now, will eliminate or reduce their patronization of H-E-B in hopes that the company will decide for 2013 to re-direct their marketing dollars elsewhere.

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Consider other providers such as Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.


It isn’t reasonable to think that large dollar purchases would hinge on whether a given brand is being Crane-cotted for 2012, but when price and other considerations dictate little difference, please help make our statement and choose any of the dozens of other airlines that fly in and out of Houston.


Same idea as airline purchases–if the choices are basically even, let the Crane-cott distinction give preference to the non-Chevy brand. Every little bit helps.


For many, boycotting Citgo will not change their buying habits in the least, since the company is considered a commercial pawn of Venezuelan President Chavez. So, when choosing between gasoline retailers, pass Citgo by, as well as….


Yes, Marathon, brings up the caboose on the list.

Again, this is a Houston-based company that we all would like to see prosper, but that should reconsider their marketing vehicles in 2013 so as to exclude the Jim Crane-owned baseball vehicle.


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