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Crane Strategy: Explain Nothing, Apologize for Nothing, Count on Wins and Short Memories to Put NL in Rear-View

November 22, 2011

Crane quotes from KHOU-TV, and the Stuart, FL newspaper (home to Jim Crane’s golf club)… the disingenuous nature of the first quote is notable, and then the others send a clear message of “they’re a little upset with it for now, but they’ll get over it.” Perhaps I’m jaded at this point, but to me, there is an implicit condescension here, disregarding Astros fans’ roots in our NL history and any aversion to the DH game:

“My partners and I are extremely excited,” Crane said. “We want to thank everyone – especially the fans – for all their support and kind words…

Crane thinks fans will eventually accept the switch.

“The fans are key, they’re buying the tickets,” Crane said. “Over the long period of time, you can make a lot of arguments that the AL won’t be that bad. It does have some positives, and we understand the issues with that. We’re not going to try to look back, we’re going to try to look forward.

“When we get the team turned around and we start winning,” he said, “hopefully, that will be in the rear-view mirror.”

Q: How do you sell American League baseball to Astros’ fans?

A: They have had the NL for 50 years, so they are a little upset with it. I think baseball is baseball, and while there is a little difference with things like the DH, if we put a good product out there I think they will soon forget that, will come to the games and support the team as they always have.

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