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Consider Writing an Open Letter to Jim Crane

November 20, 2011

There is a lot of exasperation out there.

You see it with every Chron story posted… dozens and eventually hundreds of comments, most still trying mightily to express the depth of emotion they feel about what Jim Crane has allowed to happen.

If you watched his press conference the other day, he has attempted to say as little as he possibly could, stating little more than there was no other option and expecting that we should all believe him just because he’s Jim Crane… and probably for good reason… the one brief answer in his press conference was inconsistent with the words of a Chron 9/8 story.

So he doesn’t appear to even have a half-decent lie put together about it.

Stunningly, he didn’t even apologize at his presser. He showed none of the remorse appropriate to someone who is an Astros fan (… which probably is because he isn’t… ours was just the team he happened to be able to buy).

You and I are right to believe that justice should matter. We’re being disrespected by the very man who owns our team. It’s not right.

It is with that in-mind that it occurred to me that it seems it would be valuable if we began to accumulate a catalog of our individual open letters to Jim Crane–yes, on the limited chance that he would read them, or that he might have is secretary read them, but just as much so that we all could gain from contributing, and then, reading others.

So, click on the graphic, or otherwise, find the Open Letters to Jim Crane page in the page menu at the top. If you already wrote something to him, feel welcome to copy and paste and submit it. I look forward to hearing what you have to say, as I’m sure others will as well.

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