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Multiplying the Crane-cott

November 19, 2011

We have from now until April to build and organize… all leading up to the big day on Saturday, April 7, when we’ll announce the first Top 10 list. (How often we revise the list, and other such parameters, is something we’ll discuss over the off-season.)

If this resonates with you, you can use the Twitter and Facebook buttons here on the page to conveniently share and inform co-workers, friends and family about the Crane-cott.

If it’s useful to you, I’ve personally simply stated this to those I’ve shared with… “He chose the 70 million instead. And this is the result.” You’re welcome to duplicate that, or of course, write your own Tweet or Facebook message.

Also, if you have your own blog, or if you post to others’ blogs, especially if they are Astros’ related or otherwise Houston-related, consider promoting the site there.

Are you a frequent participant on a message board? Bring up the site for conversation there, and further, add our simple URL ( ) to your signature.

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